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Introducing OLAPLEX Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment
September 21, 2022

Introducing OLAPLEX Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment

The solution to deep build-up just launched in salons as OLAPLEX’s Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment. While we all know transformations can take time, sometimes the thing getting in the way is deep buildup that needs to be addressed by your hairdresser. We can avoid this! While OLAPLEX Nº.4C Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo may be in your haircare arsenal, the Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment is there when your build up needs professional care or as part of a healthy hair routine.


Not only can cortex deep deposits prevent you from reaching your color goals, it also affects the way products like OLAPLEX penetrate through your hair by creating a barrier. This barrier leads to damage, and lackluster hair, no matter what products used to enhance or rebuild it. This is a service only your hairdresser can offer you; it’s not an at home treatment! For routine buildup maintenance you’d use Nº.4C. Our Chelating Treatment is the only of its kind to rebuild hair simultaneously while it thoroughly, yet gently removing impurities and buildup.


OLAPLEX Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment removes harmful particles without damaging hair. Its potent Vitamin C cleans the scalp and provides antioxidant protection from pollution and free radical damage. It allows better penetration and efficacy of all chemical services. Promotes vibrant color and consistent lightening results. Restores natural shine, softness, and manageability. It’s clinically proven to remove 98% of buildup with one use.


A surfactant-free, ultra-potent broad spectrum chelating blend with Vitamin C-rich Kakadu Plum Extract to penetrate down to the cortex and purify hair by removing stubborn buildup as if refreshes soothes the scalp. So what does a Chelating routine look like at the salon?


Step 1: Pre-cleanse with Nº.4C


Step 2: Treat with Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment


Step 3: Nº.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo post cleanse and add moisture with OLAPLEX 4-IN-1 Moisture Mask.


The difference between OLAPLEX Nº.4C Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo and the OLAPLEX Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment is that Nº.4C is a deep-cleansing shampoo. It removes surface buildup, for when you need a clarifying cleanse. The Chelating Treatment is a pro-only, cortex deep purification treatment that removes cortex-level deposits and buildup. It’s for clients who have deep buildup.


The Chelating Treatment is ideal for anyone who lives in an area with hard water and well water or who has moderate to major build that could compromise service results. For the best possible penetration of any salon service, ask your hairdresser for an OLAPLEX Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment beforehand!

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